Real estate in Prague and its surroundings

Are you selling a property or want to rent an apartment or a house? I offer you a reliable solution right for you. I will make you the whole process of selling or renting a property. Complex real estate services have been provided to clients for more than 25 years, not only in Prague and Central Bohemia, but also in all Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. I save your time, nerves and money.

My services include initial consultation, customer needs identification, real estate preparation for sale or lease, professional photographic production or video presentation of the house, flat and land. I check legal documents from real estate, advertise, regularly update ads, personally do real estate reviews. I can help with a mortgage loan, signing contracts, and possibly secured and secure the purchase price. Finally, I will arrange delivery of the property and after-sales service.

Sale and lease


Apartments, houses, land, recreational and agricultural real estate, business premises.

Legal assistance


Purchase Agreement, Future Purchase Agreement, Bargaining, Changes in the Cadastre.



Financial provision of mortgage purchase, building savings and other forms of lending.

Tax return


Preparation of a tax, property tax, tax optimization and other taxes.

Real estate estimation


Estimation of a property market estimate or estimate for inheritance.

Energy Label


Securing a professional certified energy performance certificate document.

Real estate insurance


Construction insurance, business premises including qualified risk assessment.

Purchase of real estate


Redemption of property, ensuring adequate debt repayment or execution.

Aleš Hanzlíček 2019

My story

After studying at Grammer School and the School of Management and Services, in 1998 I decided to work "freelancing" with the vision of independence and independence. And so my career began in reality. In the first years I worked as a real estate broker in a real estate office, and then I tried other roles like real estate network manager, supervisor, executive, franchise owner and branch manager.

I am currently working as a consultant and real estate broker. The main motto of my work is: "Provide my services so that my client can recommend me to your friends and acquaintances." I always approach clients very individually because everyone has different ideas and needs. I can listen and help to solve the situation. My successful discipline is so-called "Ball Flare", when the client also needs to sell and buy property. I like challenges and therefore it is not a problem for me to deal with various pitfalls in the sale of real estate, such as easement, lien, execution, etc. I offer clients mainly reliability, regular communication, personal approach, transparency of procedure, legal guarantees, after- assistance in accounting and tax matters.

If you choose to use my services, I offer you a non-binding consultation where we can discuss and get to know each other.

Recent projects

Over 22 years of real estate experience, I have sold or rented over 700 properties. The business volume of realized transactions is more than CZK 1.2 billion. These were flats, houses, apartment houses, cottages, land, meadows, fields, non-residential premises, garages, offices, warehouses.



Non-residential premises

Plots and parcels

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